Here are a few testimonials from the students my visiting artist days helping the students at the beginning of  their Art and Textiles GCSE and Alevels. you can see the pictures of their amazing work on my blog.

“I found this workshop useful, I learnt new skills which I can use in my Art exam”

” I found this workshop extremely useful, fun and helpful. It has given me a lot of new ideas for my exam and I will be happy to use these skills in my work. My favourite thing about today was manipulating the material with the heat gun. It was incredibly fun and Ali was really nice and constructive”

“Really enjoyed the workshop, definitely sparked an interest to use some of the techniques in my work. Also, thank you for teaching me how to use a sewing machine! My mum couldn’t even do that! Thank you”

‘All fantastic”

“Really loved the workshops, hopefully use them in my future projects and exams thank you”

Kids parties……

‘ I can’t believe I made this bag, and used a sewing machine”

“I loved it especially the printing onto the fabric”

“Needle felting and wet felting is so much fun, thank you”


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