New stockist 

Looking forward to the grand opening of Two Little Magpies not long now! Very exciting times ahead can’t wait for my wares to be in this lovely nest!!!  

New look blog, work and excited for the Sherwood Secret Garden Craft Fair

Alibeewares Cyanotype prints

Really looking forward to the Secret Garden Craft fair now as it is not long to go. I would be great if you come and say hello. There are loads of talented makers and artists there just waiting for you to pop along, eat drink be merry and listen to some lovely music too!


See you soon…… Alibee

Big thanks to Modflowers for all her amazing help today, and tonight over the phone haha im clinking my glass with you virtually now! Cheers

New work, New work, New work!!! and relax


stitch imagesSo I have been toying with starting some new work and I have been playing about with some ideas, so here are the results. I am really inspired by Geometric design and Islamic pattern and wanted to do my own work reflecting this. So as I am selling at Sherwood Craft fair and showing my work in the Art in shops too I thought I ought to try out some new work to see how it goes and get some honest feedback from my buyers and crafting buddies too.  Excuse the bad photo’s here as they really do not do the stitched images justice and my friend Steve Davies will not be happy with me for putting them up but I am very excited about them and until I get a new bobby dazzler camera and learn how to take pictures of framed wares then this is a snippet of them for now! ( sorry steve).

Anyway I hope you like any feedback would be welcome and these little monkeys shall hopefully fly off my stall which will be a great joy to see them go to new homes and for me not to keep them as much as I really want to!!



Birthday sewing party fun…..

sewing party 14:614

Sewing parties are so much fun!!! Here are the results of the sewing fun we got up to last weeeknd.  The girls aged 10/11 spent time on the sewing machine to make their confetti applique hearts, then went for the colour and pattern with the stamps I made for them to adorn their bags and personalise them. There was a lot of love in the room as you can see. It was a very busy party and everyone achieved a bag in the end which they said they would use for school.

I am running my first Hen party next weekend which is very exciting and we are making wedding facinators, I will show you the results when they are finished but in the mean time I am available to run any kind of sewing party just need to ask and I will get some lovely things ready for you too!!

I love making beautiful books



Handmade booksI love making these books, they take a lot of love and soul to make and longer than you would think but the end result is worth it. I made the first books about 3 years ago the brown leather soft back and the hard back Vogue pattern paper hard back books, why  I did not do some more sooner I do not know. I use these original books on my stand as a prop for my craft fairs and people have often picked them up to ask how much they are, I have had to say sorry they  are not for sale just display but I did make them. The amount of people that have expressed an interest in purchasing has made me realise that there is a need to make these lovely tactile notebooks as people love to touch and handle a nice book that has been handmade as I do too.

I am looking forward to making a few more for my next craft fair coming up at the Sherwood craft fair in Art week and having work in a window too which is on the 21st June (flyer to follow) It is a really well attended fair and one I do love weather permitting as this is outside and has a wonderful walled garden where there will be live music, amazing bbq from our lovely Tony the butcher and a whole collection of fab stall holder selling beautiful craft items.

I am looking forward to testing this new product out alongside my lampshades and interior Items to see if  indeed they do sell.I will be selling my 2 of my lampshades with floor stands as I have also been asked many a time if it is the whole thing for sale to which I say sadly no but I now am able to sell a couple of full lampshade and stand combo to see how that goes too.  Making and selling is really trial and error until and you can’t please everyone but If you can make someone very happy then that is a fantastic feeling.

I am really looking forward to doing this craft fair , I get to see my other crafty friends and have a lovely catchup with all the people I know locally too. Please come and say hi if you do come along, and I will say it is certainly a good one to visit too.

Daisy chain and summer love………


Daisy chains

Daisy chains

Well here comes the summer! what weather we have been having some days, the summer is coming and when it is hot it is hot! I love Daisy chains and forgot how nice it was to make them. I went for a bit of park fun with my girls and after their suggestion of making daisy chains they lasted a short time and left me to it engrossed and went onto play together with the frisby. I love a good game of frisby so it is unusual for me to not play as I am pretty good at it.. well that is what I think so anyway… It was a lovely reminder of my child hood making this daisy chain and I think with smaller hands and nails it is easier to do too. I have decided that I am going to do a lot of things this summer that remind me of my younger days, these things come with lovely memories of times spent with friends, remembering the same feeling and breathing in the same old smells that rekindle the times that we once innocently had. Maybe I will make that toy I used to use with a ball and sock and bang it on the wall next to my friend doing the same thing…… or play kerby? or skip! who knows just enjoy each summer day and moment this year that’s what I say. If you find a doc leaf with a flower threaded through the middle posted through your door… It may have been me going back to being aged 7, I thought it was a lovely gesture and still stand by that now. What did you do?

Beautiful ideas and inspiration



I love being inspired and spend far too much time on Pinterest for my own good as I am sure anyone that is on it knows how addictive it is.  I have made these a long time ago in hand made felt, and they were beautiful. I have been thinking myself about revisiting them as I need to make a corsage tomorrow as I am at a 50’s wedding and need a lovely big flower for my hair. This style of rose is very simple and effective too. I have not seen them as a garland  and it is a great way to use them. I love the idea of using my vintage fabric instead of paper so I am going to have a play today and see how it goes… I will post the end result so wish me luck! I want to say to our special friends Alex and Manya that we are all so looking forward to spending the day and night celebrating your wedding and wish you all the love luck for the future!! Oh I do love a good wedding!! let the fun times begin x

Students work in Derbyshire

Visiting artist day workshop

Visiting artist day workshop

I was recently asked to be a visiting textile artist at a school in Ashbourne.   I am always in awe of the way that children/young adults work, their confidant creativity seeming effortless when introduced to different techniques.

The school developed a scheme called visiting artist day.  Working artists in the trade come in to the school and show the students their specialism. Visiting artist day is delivered at the start of the new brief for GCSE and A’Level for each art and design area. I was brought in as the textile artist for the day and the brief covered many different topics, the main topic chosen for me to cover that day was ‘fragments’ I felt that it lent itself very well to my area of expertise which is free machine embroidery and creative textiles.

I had 20 GCSE and A’level students who were all studying textile design.  I started by showing them my range of samples and discussing each one in turn and getting feedback on what they thought in order to gauge their level and previous knowledge.  The students then began to design and develop their own work using the inspiration from my samples.   After demonstrating some techniques to the group, everyone was up and running. You can see from the images above it did not take the students long to master and further each technique shown. They took the brief given to different level, inputting their own ideas and creative ingenuity.  The ideas were flowing, the sewing machines whirring the creativity in the room was buzzing!

I felt really happy with how the day had gone and from the feedback I received it was evident that they had too.  I loved my day at the school and came away with ideas and inspiration from the students too, after all we all learn from each other and we all learn something new each day too.

I hope to do more of these sessions as it was a really great experience to be part of the initial stages of a module, delivering techniques that helped the students  develop their work for their final pieces.  I look forward to re-visiting the school to see the final exhibition of work later on this year.

Thanks to Kate for asking me and thanks to Natalie for having me in for the day, and to the students for making it such an inspirational experience!

How life is sometimes ….. so nice to be talked about!

maltcrossI do love the twists and turns of emotions and life, isn’t amazing how one minute you can be doubting yourself and wondering where you are going and then you hear or read a comment that totally transforms the way you feel think and act. This is the comment above that I read this morning whilst asking my self what I am doing! I really needed that inspiring comment and kind words, so thank you Malt Cross for giving me the smile I am now still wearing and thanks for sharing my wares! I would love to do some workshops there and have enquired now it had inspired me even more to get on with it. I don’t care what anyone says social media rocks!

Its all about the 60’s singles

I love a good charity find

I love a good charity find

I have had these wonderful singles that I found in the charity shop framed I love them so very much!  I bought them for literally for a song and have given them a new lease of life.

The titles of these beauties  do make me laugh, and every time that I walk up my stairs now it makes me smile inside.

I do like finding things in charity shops and car boots but generally take an age in doing anything with them, this time I had to get on it as I really wanted them up on my wall in pride of place so I can be inspired everyday.

The only downside now is that my whole hall way now needs repainting to give them the wall they deserve to sit on!! any offers!