New work, New work, New work!!! and relax


stitch imagesSo I have been toying with starting some new work and I have been playing about with some ideas, so here are the results. I am really inspired by Geometric design and Islamic pattern and wanted to do my own work reflecting this. So as I am selling at Sherwood Craft fair and showing my work in the Art in shops too I thought I ought to try out some new work to see how it goes and get some honest feedback from my buyers and crafting buddies too.  Excuse the bad photo’s here as they really do not do the stitched images justice and my friend Steve Davies will not be happy with me for putting them up but I am very excited about them and until I get a new bobby dazzler camera and learn how to take pictures of framed wares then this is a snippet of them for now! ( sorry steve).

Anyway I hope you like any feedback would be welcome and these little monkeys shall hopefully fly off my stall which will be a great joy to see them go to new homes and for me not to keep them as much as I really want to!!




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