I love making beautiful books



Handmade booksI love making these books, they take a lot of love and soul to make and longer than you would think but the end result is worth it. I made the first books about 3 years ago the brown leather soft back and the hard back Vogue pattern paper hard back books, why  I did not do some more sooner I do not know. I use these original books on my stand as a prop for my craft fairs and people have often picked them up to ask how much they are, I have had to say sorry they  are not for sale just display but I did make them. The amount of people that have expressed an interest in purchasing has made me realise that there is a need to make these lovely tactile notebooks as people love to touch and handle a nice book that has been handmade as I do too.

I am looking forward to making a few more for my next craft fair coming up at the Sherwood craft fair in Art week and having work in a window too which is on the 21st June (flyer to follow) It is a really well attended fair and one I do love weather permitting as this is outside and has a wonderful walled garden where there will be live music, amazing bbq from our lovely Tony the butcher and a whole collection of fab stall holder selling beautiful craft items.

I am looking forward to testing this new product out alongside my lampshades and interior Items to see if  indeed they do sell.I will be selling my 2 of my lampshades with floor stands as I have also been asked many a time if it is the whole thing for sale to which I say sadly no but I now am able to sell a couple of full lampshade and stand combo to see how that goes too.  Making and selling is really trial and error until and you can’t please everyone but If you can make someone very happy then that is a fantastic feeling.

I am really looking forward to doing this craft fair , I get to see my other crafty friends and have a lovely catchup with all the people I know locally too. Please come and say hi if you do come along, and I will say it is certainly a good one to visit too.


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