Daisy chain and summer love………


Daisy chains

Daisy chains

Well here comes the summer! what weather we have been having some days, the summer is coming and when it is hot it is hot! I love Daisy chains and forgot how nice it was to make them. I went for a bit of park fun with my girls and after their suggestion of making daisy chains they lasted a short time and left me to it engrossed and went onto play together with the frisby. I love a good game of frisby so it is unusual for me to not play as I am pretty good at it.. well that is what I think so anyway… It was a lovely reminder of my child hood making this daisy chain and I think with smaller hands and nails it is easier to do too. I have decided that I am going to do a lot of things this summer that remind me of my younger days, these things come with lovely memories of times spent with friends, remembering the same feeling and breathing in the same old smells that rekindle the times that we once innocently had. Maybe I will make that toy I used to use with a ball and sock and bang it on the wall next to my friend doing the same thing…… or play kerby? or skip! who knows just enjoy each summer day and moment this year that’s what I say. If you find a doc leaf with a flower threaded through the middle posted through your door… It may have been me going back to being aged 7, I thought it was a lovely gesture and still stand by that now. What did you do?


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