Beautiful ideas and inspiration



I love being inspired and spend far too much time on Pinterest for my own good as I am sure anyone that is on it knows how addictive it is.  I have made these a long time ago in hand made felt, and they were beautiful. I have been thinking myself about revisiting them as I need to make a corsage tomorrow as I am at a 50’s wedding and need a lovely big flower for my hair. This style of rose is very simple and effective too. I have not seen them as a garland  and it is a great way to use them. I love the idea of using my vintage fabric instead of paper so I am going to have a play today and see how it goes… I will post the end result so wish me luck! I want to say to our special friends Alex and Manya that we are all so looking forward to spending the day and night celebrating your wedding and wish you all the love luck for the future!! Oh I do love a good wedding!! let the fun times begin x


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