Today is all about door knobs

knobs no knockers

knobs no knockers

I have been photographing my vintage fabric door knobs for a customer and thought they needed to be shared with you too. This was an idea that I tried out back at christmas time and they went a storm.

The door knobs themselves are porcelain and really good quality, they come with adjustable screws so fit onto any cupboard door or draw so they are very versatile and really do add that individual touch to your old draws!. I have had lots of happy customers buy these and they really like to mix and match.  I do many other colours just need to get my stock back up to show you the varied range! but here is a few to wet your whistle and let me know if you would like any! always happy to put a smile on someones cupboard door or draw!


One thought on “Today is all about door knobs

  1. How big are your knobs Ali? (fnar fnar!). I’ll rephrase that – what is the diameter across the top of the knob? And if they fit with a long screw in the middle, how fat is the screw? Just wondering if they would fit my bedroom furniture (or if they’re too large).


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