Sandersons Rhea Large Scale Poppy Pattern

Sanderson fabric poppy

My day began with the sun streaming in and that did not last too long before the rain and dullness arrived,  but just as I felt the cold setting in I received a lovely parcel from Ebay,  I was going to make this into a door curtain to keep those blustery winds out but now I have it in my hands and looking at the width I am thinking of turning this into a panel to hang on my wall to view as I walk up my stairs.

I love seeing big panels kept as a whole piece they are to be looked at and celebrated for their quality and design. Not a lot of fabric is kept like this anymore, I now feel like I am on a rescue mission.

So off I go to Stones hardware store the wonderful treasure trove that it is and take this along  to have a wooden frame made by the lovely Peter. This is my favourite way to show off a large piece of fabric to its best and give credit to the designer.

I will keep you posted in the outcome! Happy days


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