Today is all about the love, the love of vintage!

alibee: vintage heart buntingI’m all for the Love thing but the love of vintage is a big love in my life

5 things I love about vintage fabric…….

1) It is great to spot over a crowded jumble sale or carboot

2) You can look at it everyday without getting bored

3) It grows old gracefully

4) It is always unique

5) It makes you smile everyday

what are the 5 things you love about vintage fabric?


One thought on “Today is all about the love, the love of vintage!

  1. 1. I can actually afford lovely vintage stuff (unlike lovely designer new stuff at £150 a metre)
    2. I love the patina, the fact that the items themselves reflect lives lived, and have stories to tell. Sometimes a bit of fading is softer and better than a crisp new fabric.
    3. The thrill of the chase – hunting down something you love at the right price and finally bagging it.
    4. The “vintage fabric community” – ie. the fact that there are nutters out there that love the same stuff as me and we can bang on about our obsession together!
    5. It’s all by definition limited edition. Once it’s gone, its gone, which makes every scrap precious.

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