Alibee sewing parties are here….. how exciting

Alibee sewing party has started!

Alibee sewing party has started!


Well that was all very exciting!

Big thanks to Maya and all her fantastic friends for having me at her party! It was a great day and everyone had a fun time making the personalised cushions, you can see by the results they are very talented girls indeed and a little sewing bee has been has begun. I got a quote from the birthday girl “It has been a lot of fun and inspiring” and her mum said “it was such a cool party” so I can’t ask for more really and looking at the results it says it all.

I am very excited about my added new venture and have so many ideas in my box of tricks too so I can’t wait for the next one!   If I had the opportunity as a child to have a sewing or craft party rather than the obligatory cheese sarnie and a few friends round then I would have loved it.  Times have changed and I am glad as it is an opportunity to introduce children to a new skill they may never have had, learn techniques and also take something home with them to be proud of at the end too! think they call that a win win situation…. don’t you?




One thought on “Alibee sewing parties are here….. how exciting

  1. Well done on getting a post up – with a collage! – so quickly after our session this afternoon! A few tips… Try resizing the collage to 560 px wide and centre-justifying it. Also, don’t forget to add a category and tags to your blog posts as this helps people to find your post when they are searching. When we have our next session I’ll teach you about WordPress widgets – loads of fun to be had! 🙂


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